Aluminum boats are relatively low maintenance, but they still require a yearly winterizing routine to keep them in good working order. If you neglect to winterize aluminum fishing boats, it could cause your small boat to suffer damage including corrosion and frozen pipes, cracks that will cause leaks, degradation of the fuel, and interior damage. Whether preparing crappie boats, welded aluminum jon boats, or aluminum bass boats, the following process will basically be the same.

The first thing you will want to do is fill the fuel tank with gas to prevent oxidation or condensation, and add stable to the gas tank, which will condition the fuel for long-time Oil Seal. Next, hook up a water supply hose to the "ears" (the same ones you use to flush your outboard) and attach them to the lower unit. You can use these to prevent damage to your jon boat engine when warming it up. While you are warming up the engine, drain out the dirty, used oil. The owner’s manual for your small fishing boat will show the location of where to drain the engine’s oil. You’ll have to make sure the hose is running down the pipe properly, so it drains into the engine sump pan.

Check that the oil filter has a valve in it to prevent oil from draining back through the filter, and damaging the engine on your aluminum boat. Make sure you read the owner’s manual so you know which oil is right for your engine. G3 boats, tracker boats, and alumacraft boats may have varying instructions, depending on what brand of outboard they include in new boat packages.

Oil will often settle on the bottom of the engine block. Try fogging the carburetor while the engine’s turned on for 20-30 seconds, or until it begins smoking. Spray fogging oil into the carburetor on your small boat engine. This prevents rust from building up inside your engine, and helps reduce condensation. Now, disconnect the fuel line, and run the engine until you’ve burned all of the fuel. Lower the engine, draining all of the water from it. Turn it over several times. This will blow out any water that is sitting in the cooling system. If your aluminum jon boats are simply powered by trolling motors, this step can be skipped.

Next, it is time to address the trailer that your small fishing boat sits on. Jack up each wheel, checking it on the front and back for any signs of leaking grease, which can be a sign of a bad seal. If grease is leaking, they will have to be replaced. Spin the tire gently; this will help you determine if the wheel bearings are in good working order. If the trailer’s tire isn’t spinning smoothly, or isn’t spinning at all, it should be replaced. You will probably need to take the trailer to a service center to have them replaced, it is a tough job to complete on your own. If the tires seem to spin properly, pull out each wheel assembly, then clean and re-pack the bearings. Replace the wheel assembly, and fill the bearing protectors with fresh grease. Crappie boats and other fishing boats will ride down the highway much more smoothly come boating season, if you take these precautions before storing them for the winter.

Check that all of the tires are properly filled. It is recommended that you remove the tires and prop the trailer on blocks. Store the tires inside your garage or storage facility. Removing the tires helps prevent flat spots from developing on the tires. It also protects them from the harsh weather (assuming you are storing it outside). The best way to jack up the trailer is to raise it by the axle, making sure to keep the trailer springs in a load position. Aluminum bass boats and other fishing boats will benefit greatly from following these specific preparation steps.

Next, put the canvas cover over your jon Gasket Seal Manufacturer. Check that it fits tightly over the sides, and secure it, making sure to not get it too tight. The cover could tear under the added weight of accumulated ice and snow. See if it is sagging in the middle of the aluminum boat. If it is, use a saw horse or some other type of support to keep the center from drooping. This will keep excessive ice and snow from accumulating over the winter. Cover aluminum boats with plastic tarps for added protection. Regardless if they are manufactured by G3 Boats, Alumacraft Boats, or Tracker Boats, all welded aluminum jon boats need to be properly stored during winter.

Regardless of whether you will be taking your boat out of the water, the best thing you can do is cover it. By properly covering aluminum jon boats, you protect the waterline from the snow, wind, and ice that causes corrosion. Boat experts recommend going to your local dealers, buying mildew and mold bags, and putting them inside the boat. These will prevent foul odor and needless extra cleaning when spring rolls around.

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